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I'm going to give it a year and if it hasn't at least settled into a 'normal' routine then I'll think about trying something else.x Well we are now on week 4 since I had it fitted and only today I've noticed my bleeding is beginning to stop! x I hope you don't mind me posting on your thread but i had similiar questions.I'm annoyed cause valentines day is coming up and I don't see this bleeding stopping! I still spot after my period up until I ovulate too and have to wear a liner most days. If anything it's worse than pre-Mirena as at least I only bled for 5 days then! I had the Mirena fitted a few years back after suffering from heavy periods and severe anemia, the consultant made it seem like the answer to my prayers.

Our dating site is dedicated for those who are willing to go beyond the norm of “one-partner only” relationships; people who want to take their sex life to the next level by sleeping with as many partners as they can to reach the farthest heights of cloud nine!If you want a fast shag in Ireland, then here is the right place for you to find Belfast sex contacts.Before, men were the ones who were generally inclined to have one night sexual encounters, and girls focused more on wholesome romance and intimacy.I have to wear a pad all the time and regularly bleed on to it now just spotting when i wipe after the toilet (this is what I had been told to expect).I only have one doctor at my practice that deals with coils and I am struggling to get an appointment with him.

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Though insulting, these women realise that their fondness for a good shag defines who they really are, and they'd rather want to be called as such rather than deny themselves of their own freedom to express their sexuality.