Armory not updating my character speed dating scorecard template

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The shortcode can be added to any page or post and can be configured in an identical fashion to the widget.At a minimum you will need to specify the realm and character name for it to work – though this will assume that you wish to show all the details of character from the EU region in English.In addition to a “light” version of achievements and progress we maintain the ability to display all characters on the account.

In this update we utilize the Blizzard API to display the entirety of the armory including a full listing of completed achievements, including rewards, and progress of not yet fully completed achievements.

wow-armory-character-css Allows you to specify an alternate stylesheet.

This is the replacement for the tickbox provided in the administration screen.

You can either alter the html after it has been created or you can override the template that produces the output.

The CSS can be overridden by using the global setting ‘Add plugin css to the page’.

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In order to force your character display to update you are able to clear the cache.