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Ashton kutcher dating demi moore daughter

He has an older sister named Tausha and a fraternal twin brother named Michael, who had a heart transplant when the brothers were young children.Michael also has cerebral palsy and is a spokesperson for the advocacy organization Reaching for the Stars.Kutcher stated, "I thought I knew everything but I didn't have a clue.I was partying, and I woke up many mornings not knowing what I had done the night before. I am amazed I am not dead." and was recruited to enter the "Fresh Faces of Iowa" modeling competition.However, Kutcher's home life worsened as his parents divorced when he was 16.During his senior year, he broke into his high school at midnight with his cousin in an attempt to steal money; he was arrested leaving the scene.Kutcher began his career as a model and began his acting career portraying Michael Kelso in the Fox sitcom That '70s Show, which aired for eight seasons.

During high school, he developed a passion for acting and appeared in school plays.

“It’s amazing.” In February, Moore and Kutcher – who spend most of their time in Los Angeles – slipped away to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to celebrate Valentine’s Day at a resort overlooking the ocean.

The getaway sparked rumors that Kutcher proposed (wrong) and that the duo eloped (wrong again).

“When I’m putting up a front, she calls me on it,” Kutcher told Oprah Winfrey in April.

“And I call her on her crap.” Also on Oprah, Kutcher expressed his happiness with Moore saying: “I love being with her.

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