Bristol dating her dance partner

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Here's how everyone else did on week three of : Drew Lachey and Anna Trebunskaya Dance: Cha cha Score: 24After a close call last week, Drew Lachey’s repeat of his season two dance to “Crazy in Love” left me a little less than excited, but Lachey will take his 24.“It was my week-one score in season two, but it feels good in week three,” he said.Was this originally in the choreography or was that added after their emotional faceoff?Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough Dance: Quickstep Score: 26.5Yowza! The Olympic gymnast proved she is in it to win it and broke quite a few rules to, “show the judges something they’ve never seen before.” Only Goodman docked her the point, but with or without the tricks, this dance was amazing!It seemed as if everyone was in Palin’s corner, with judge Len Goodman saying the performance had, “the most content in any dance I’ve seen you do.Easily the best dance you’ve done.” Bruno Tonioli agreed, “Get that aggression out. Your best dance to date.” Carrie Anne Inaba offered the first criticism, saying Palin’s expression was, “a bit one-dimensional,” but that she’s, “proving herself a worthy competitor." The pair earned a 22.5, their highest score so far. Learn the lean-body secrets from professional dancers.Cut to the duo on stage at the live show holding hands with frozen smiles on their faces.The pair executed a clean, if not boring, paso doble.

I’m here to share what works for me—and where I need a little help from you.At first it seemed Palin was simply sulking due to last week’s low scores, accusing Ballas of being disappointed that he was paired with her when he would rather be with past partners Sabrina Bryan or Shawn Johnson, and saying, “I swear to God, I feel like you want to go home.” Ballas defended himself, saying he’s always been there for her, but as the scene continued, Palin called her partner out for not showing up for one of their rehersals.Ballas claimed he was late, but Palin corrected him: “No, you didn’t show up.” Ballas didn't deny it and tried to comfort his partner with a hand on the knee as she walked out of the studio.What do you think of last night’s outburst from Palin? And if Palin lost a full point last week just for breaking hold, does Johnson deserve to be docked more than one for all of her infractions?Tonight’s double elimination is going to be a tough one!

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Ballas touched her leg in an attempt to comfort her, but Palin left the studio. You guys know if you’re in a personal relationship, working relationship, things happen and we carried on.” Added Palin, “Mark is reassuring and we got through this week and I’m thankful for it.