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I am watching all my friends move on with their lives: Haley and her family, and Millicent is moving to be with Mouth, and Peyton with Lucas and they are all moving forward. But, i'm not anymore, and I don't want high school, Brooke. Maybe you and I are meant to create this life because maybe this life is gonna change the world. You have this awesome dude at the airport who loves you! You fired me right here in front of all my students just because you could. I took her home and I’m doing what I can, but she needs her Mom. Mouth: (On TV) Last night in the NBA the Charlotte Bobcats quietly made a move that most sports fans wouldn’t have noticed, adding a point guard to their roster for the rest of the season. Haley: I love teaching but I would never sacrifice what I believe in to teach. I kind of have to be there anyway, seeing as I’m the Bobcats’ new point guard. But somewhere along the line you gave up on the idea that you deserve to feel this way again. Now there’s just one thing I need from you, please take very special care of your father, because if I’m not around he’s gonna need you to take care of him just like my dad needed me. And this ring and these words are just simply a way to show the rest of the world what has been in my heart for as long as I’ve known you. I always have and I always will Peyton: Lucas Scott… And despite how confused I’ve been or lost I might have gotten there was always you. You deserve to be adored so that’s what we’re gonna do, your baby and me. I really hope that we get to share these things together, but just in case - they’re in here. And be kind to him, just please do that for me Lucas: Sometimes when you look back at your life certain moments stand out: the day you graduated high school, your wedding day, the day you found out you were going to be a father. Lucas: Peyton, I’ve loved you since the first time i saw you. Any time I had any success he would remind me of my failures. She’s so talented and good-hearted and beautiful, but she carries around this feeling that she’s not good enough.

A lot to do with the simple fact most women are smarter than we are. Lucas: When I was a kid I used to love to jump on my bed. Sam: [Opening Voice over] Quentin Fields was a basketball player. And when your heart begins to bleed, you're dead and dead and dead indeed.

It’s got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, what’s written in the stars. But if you want to believe you had a choice in the matter, I’d say you made a good one. Nathan: I played that game for you, Haley and you know what? Because as much as I love playing the game and the person that I am when I play it, I love being a husband and a father more. If you were suddenly gone, how would your world react? And when your back begins to smart it's like a penknife in your heart.

My mom would pass the room and shout, "Lucas Scott, if you break that box spring, you’ll be sleeping on the floor for the rest of your life."Haley: (Haley is holding the laundry and also passes into Jamie's bedroom and saw Jamie bouncing on the bed) Jamie, stop jumping on the bed or you'll be sleeping on the floor for the rest of your life. Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you weren't you anymore? And when the door begins to crack it's like a stick across your back.

But I'm proud that each of you have become the man that I could never be. So if you flunk a big test or you have a really bad breakup or you just miss someone so bad that it hurts, then listen to my playlist "a hundred songs to save your life". My best friend is funny, intelligent, creative, beautiful, and successful, and very kind. Last night the Charlotte Bobcats called up a former Tree Hill Raven, a great guy and a good friend Nathan Scott. Kind-hearted and so beautiful, and I’ve nearly broken her with my inability to open my heart. She’s just as strong and beautiful and kind-hearted as ever. Because if this boy Julian loves you, and you love him, that’s all that matters.

Sam: Brooke, you're a good person, a cool designer, and a kick-ass mom, but...sometimes you're your own biggest enemy. So congratulations, you made a good teacher not want to teach and good students not want to learn. Peyton: The Honorary Title, Matthew Ryan, The Cure, Audioslave, Haley James-Scott. It's music to save your life and music always helps, no matter what you're going through. My best friend - okay this one is so important; choose wisely, I got really lucky with mine. But we’re leading with that story because this point guard is a local legend who overcame adversity and difficult circumstances in pursuit of a dream.

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Brooke: 1 out of every 500 people gets assulted or raped. Denise: Coach Taylor, Quentin always had so many nice things to say about you. This is a literature class and that's what writers do. Look, this thing with losing Quentin, it-it’s hard. We were in the same cliques first, we both felt the same pressures, the same expectations. Look, the thing is, you made your dream happen, alright? Samantha Walker:: (closing voice-over) Quentin Fields was a basketball player. They think I can't play point guard, but Q knew I could. Brooke: Well, that, yeah, but the rest of this I wanted to say to your face. And when the snow begins to fall it's like a bird upon the wall. You took my life, and you turned it into a nightmare.