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The church's law must always be perfected to better serve the church's mission and the daily lives of the faithful, which, he said, was the point of his amendments to canon law streamlining the church's process for determining the nullity of a marriage.Canon law, he said, can and should be an instrument for implementing the vision of the Second Vatican Council.Perhaps the most controversial issue within charitable choice is whether government-funded faith-based organizations should be allowed to employ people of their own faith only (i.e.

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The Catholic Church's Code of Canon Law is an instrument that must serve the church's pastoral mission of bringing God's mercy to all and leading them to salvation, Pope Francis said.

Situations that could turn into costly litigation might be avoided.

Which is why the best legal fees are spent before there is a problem.

However, the Civil Rights Act does not specify whether the Title VII exemption allowing religious organizations to hire members of their own religion still applies if the organization accepts government funding.

The question of whether a government-funded faith-based organization retains the Title VII exemption raises a wrenching tension between two principles: the religious autonomy guaranteed by the First Amendment and the fundamental notion that government money should not be used to discriminate.

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Preventive law is often far cheaper than responding to a crisis.

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