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C textbox not updating

Calculation = xl Manual, and return it to auto at the end with Application.

Calculation = xl Automatic Remember, Excel is pretty smart, so you only need to describe an object enough to make it unambiguous. Isn't it frustrating when something is taking forever and you have no idea when it will finish? You can use the statusbar to let users know how things are going.

(Don't use this in Excel 8, it is faster to say Range = Array). This can be done because VBA keeps variable values in memory once they are set (unless they are dimensioned within a subroutine or function, in which case they disappear when the function ends) until either you close the worksheet or make any change to the VBA code.

Sub Super Blast Array To Sheet(The Array As Variant, The Range As Range) With The Range. So you can set the variables once and use them forever.

In fact, it pays (in speed) not to mention unnecessary objects, because every object you mention has to be resolved by VBA. Below is an example based on reading in a datafile.

So Range("Hobbes") is faster than Workbooks("Comic"). It includes a way of measuring the percentage read so far.

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This is 5-10 times faster than setting a range equal to a VBA array. Add Name:="wstempdata", Refers To R1C1:=The Array With The Range . You can cut down the calculation load, by loading the 4 parameters the first time only, by putting a test in your function like "If A=0 Then Initialise", to call an initialisation routine.

There is substantial overhead in communications between worksheets and VBA. So if you have a custom VBA function which you call from hundreds of worksheet cells, it could be s-l-o-w.

Equally, if you use VBA to read in lots of cells to memory, or write lots of data back to cells, it can be real slow. We read in 125 records at once (that's 125x20 = 2500 cells) into an array, then looped through and calculated the 14 output cells for each of these records, and stored them in a memory array.

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This is pretty well known stuff so I'll keep it brief. Use them only when you have to or when it doesn't matter.

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