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People are more likely to turn to Bumble or Tinder than Craigslist in pursuit of a relationship, but he doesn't think that means the pages are done for.

Julia Crantz, a 33-year-old Bethesda, Maryland, resident, would agree.

That helped."Montilla couldn't remember why the coffeehouse got rid of the site, though he said the posts were "dwindling" after a while.

They often did, general manager Elias Montilla recalled, potentially because of the establishment's romantic mood."It was a cool thing to add to the dating atmosphere," he said."Still up to this day, a lot of people meet here for the first time or have first dates here.Maybe he would see it - and then they'd fall in love, move to California and open a bookstore together called Missed Connection.You know, she said, "silly stuff like that."A missed connection is fleeting, in terms of the encounter and the corresponding post's seven-day shelf life. Seventeen years after its was established, the Craigslist section lives on."The post is your opportunity to be heard," said Lin, who spoke on the condition that only her first name be used.

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