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This lovely relationship we once had devolved to one of raw, dark emotions that neither of us really knew how to get a grip on.And worst, we both relied on the other person to get it together!But I had already invested so much in this relationship, moving states and all. It was ironic because I remembered feeling so happy that I had met him when I was in a “good place” in my life, but all of that seemed so distant now.We can all morph into the worst versions of ourselves when we become clenched in fear.Alex continued to relapse for the next six months, never staying sober for more than a few weeks at a time, and I began to feel extremely helpless.

It’s been about a couple of months since we’ve been officially broken up and I’ve moved back to Los Angeles to live with my family.

Some evenings I found strength in myself and was able to tolerate the uncomfortable emotions he was experiencing without reacting.

Other nights, we’d get into fights when he’d want to go on a “drive” (buy meth).

When Alex was in the process of attempting to quit, it became difficult to detach myself from the turmoil he’d ooze every evening.

Like clockwork, every night around nine, he’d get this vacant look in his eyes and begin to pace around.

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