Dating fender stratocaster

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Dating fender stratocaster

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From 1986 till around the middle of 1993 record keeping was very poor.

Very few serial numbers were recorded, production numbers were not kept track of, and even in Fenders new Custom Shop department, records of guitars built were nothing more than hand writing on notebook paper.

When the Corona plant was started up, only the Vintage Reissue Stratocaster models were produced between late 1985 through 1986.

Then in 1986 they started production on the new American Standard Stratocasters.

Here's the thing: Fender has a data-base that has been created which contains a lot of historical information about various models of guitars.

Within the last year someone there entered into that data-base this misinformation: "At some unspecified time, an unspecified number of the Strat Plus guitars came out with a bone nut." Obviously this is not correct!

When I started questioning this entry in the data-base at Fender, one employee emailed me and admitted, "Yes, this was something that I added because that is what I was told by people here.

As you look at the Yellow Plus below you will see the very first generation of this roller nut (we will discuss more about these nuts later!

) This nut was design to reduce the friction at the nut when using the tremolo. The first locking tuners on the Plus' were the Sperzel, then later Schaller.

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