Dating gunowners

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Dating gunowners

And, as an added bonus to self-protection, Pink Pistols could erode tenacious stereotypes, challenging the image of cringing weakness, especially for those who internalized it.

"Pink pistols," he wrote, "would do far more for the self-esteem of the next generation of gay men and women than any number of hate-crime laws or anti-discrimination statutes."Rauch went on: "If it became widely known that homosexuals carry guns and know how to use them, not many bullets would need to be fired.

"But unfortunately there are people who want to hurt you.

"I'm not going to pretend that there isn't homophobia in the gun community, but I can't say that there is a disproportionate amount of anti-LGBT feelings among shooters."Atlanta Pink Pistol member Dylan West also describes gun culture as being accepting — "I haven't had an issue when people [at the range] have found out that I'm gay" — and Jose Morales, a Philadelphia-based NRA-certified gun instructor, agrees. We don't judge people by their looks, their ethnicity or their sexual orientation."When people hear those three letters, they automatically have a stereotype in their minds, much like when they hear LGBTQ, and that's not the case, at all, in either of the circumstances."At New York's LGBT Community Center, I meet with Brian Worth, Kevin Hertzog and John Grauwiler, three of the principal organizers behind Gays Against Guns, or GAG, a Facebook-born, grassroots group dedicated to "banning access to high-capacity magazine guns and assault weapons" and "stopping the life-threatening convergence of homophobia and flawed gun policy," which was formed in the wake of the Orlando massacre.It already has over 2,500 likes on Facebook, and an estimated 1,000 marchers joined in their brigade in last weekend's pride parade, an action that included signs that read "NRA, prepare to GAG," as well as 49 men and women walking silently in white veils, a poignant representation of the 49 lives lost at the Pulse nightclub.Though Bloovman insists that "the purpose of shooting someone is not to kill them, but to stop them," the goal is also to inflict the most damage."If lethal force is justified, we need to ventilate them as rapidly as possible to stop them from what they're doing." "Ventilate? "There's nothing pretty about this," Bloovman says.

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