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Dating ibanez serial

However, the most notable difference between this guitar and a real Gibson is the bolt-on neck.The pickguard has been removed, as well as the bridge pickup cover.

Just like a Les Paul Custom, this guitar has multiply body and headstock binding, fancy headstock pearl inlays (another Ibanez original design), and a “Custom” truss rod cover.While most readers understand what a “lawsuit era” guitar refers to, others may not and I’ll try to summarize the term.In the early 1970s, American guitar manufacturers (particularly Gibson, Fender, and Martin) were experiencing a steady decline in production quality while more Japanese- built guitars were showing up in the American market.No question, there is a lot of value in a name and Gibson is the most valuable name in the guitar world.Bolt-on neck guitars are usually considered inferior to set necks, which also attributes to a lesser value on the copy.

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However, there was a transitional period where models were still produced with both copied and original designs.

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