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It's just slightly wider and taller than an i Phone 6s but feels lighter in the hand.

It turns out to be the same weight as the i Phone at 143g, so the lightness is an illusion.

During that time it reported battery at 80 per cent with about 13 hours and 17 minutes remaining at current usage (which would be high due to all the updates).

Later, after heavy use, battery was at 65 per cent with 10 hours and 47 minutes remaining.

Thinking about my i Phone use in recent years, there's a lot of Google services which have become the daily "go tos" — even Apple recently switched back to Google search from Microsoft Bing, and I'm a big fan of Google Photos with its ability to find images by description second to none.

The family uses Find my Friends and we even have an i Cloud cache set up in the house.

Apple took the initial heat for dropping the headphone jack but now Google has followed suit.

There's a dongle supplied, but the success of today's wireless headphones show the era of getting tangled in earphone cables is happily coming to an end.

Transitioning from Apple's Contacts, Calendar and Photos shouldn't be too hard, right?

The Pixel 2 is a well manufactured device with a feeling of quality about it.

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In recent years, Google's ecosystem has expanded in our world.