Grabit not updating groups

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Grabit not updating groups

DVD Shrink and/or Imageburn for standard DVD TV/movies. u use Grab It, check the grabit Cache folderfor example: C:\Users\John Smith\App Data\Roaming\Grab It\Windows OS has a limit on the character length for folder names ...

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If you do, you've downloaded the headers successfully and you can now start browsing the newsgroups.

To download articles in Grabit, left click and highlight all the articles you want to download.

Grabit does an excellent job sorting and filtering a group by showing you only the info you need and eliminating all the nonsense.Strange there aren't other grabit users having this problem though.grabit cannot decode all post types in usenet, and will cause these types of problems when ones of these file type are opinion.....ditch grabit and get a real newsreader like newsleecher or newsbin. PS:in an earlier version Grabit would put the D/L files in the temp folder. Grabit will D/L any usenet file,no,it wont decode MIME. Grabit decodes yenc just fine , Grabit definatly has its bugs,but this isnt one I have run into. Take advantage of the fastest possible way to exchange data – with up to 30 simultaneous connections.The first step in exploring the newsgroups is subscribing to one.

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