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Surprisingly enough, the GOP appears to have used compromised servers on Sony’s network to upload and seed the torrent for the leaked data, as well as uploading it to MEGA and Rapid Gator.

The second leak was considerably smaller, a mere 1.18GB containing two files named “Bonus.rar” and “List.rar”.

While the files are small, they perhaps contain the most sensitive data to be disclosed by this point.

Initial analysis of the data from the first set of files disclosed had begun, as the second disclosure of files occured.

A GOP member identifying themselves as the leader of the group told RBS “Today more interesting data will be presented for you.” before pointing RBS to a new link containing additional files, as part of the email dialogue established (interestingly, one mail came from Hushmail who is known to cooperate with federal agencies).

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Within hours, had reported that “Sony just got hacked, doxxed, and shut down” as Sony went into panic mode over the breach.