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You can also perform a few extra dance moves, but this is a minor feature compared to the ability to control Mi P's movements directly.

Key components of intricate robotics, such as vision sensors and gripping systems, have also advanced to such an extent that robots have become smarter, highly networked, and are able to perform a wider range of applications than ever before.

Using hand gestures, it can be directed to move or dance, which it does with impressive balance considering it's resting on two parallel wheels.

This provides hours of fun, especially when its immersive personality starts to interact with you as you play with it more.

hen Czech writer Karel Capek first used the word 'robot' to describe a fictional humanoid in his 1921 science fiction play, R. R., he had no idea that one day, almost every person on the planet would be familiar with his then fictional term.

Less than 100 years later, robotics is set to become the next trillion-pound industry; it's a matter of when rather than if.

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Personal robots really come into their own in this regard.

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