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Sam wants the President to talk with the Governor, so he can say he talked with the Governor. Josh thinks the House is positioning to repeal the tax outright. Bruno comes to see Leo to try and show him a tape - of Victor Campos with Jack Buckland. begins her next brieifing, continuing to lay out support for Rollins while poking the House of Representatives.

Although, there is no plan to try and put the fire out - they are going to let it burn. Bruno tells Leo that Buckland has turned the White House down on joining a Presidential Commission. to ask for her help to set up a meeting with Campos. Toby and Josh are meeting with Connie and Doug about why the meeting on the Estate Tax was canceled - it is becoming more clear the House is no longer interested in working with the White House.

Clement Rollins, the newly appointed Special Prosecutor arrives at court and is beseiged by reporters, he makes no comments.

Inside the courthouse, he is met by Oliver Babish, who wants to know when the subpoeanas will be issued.

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And the answer comes back to me: Probably not.""I have an excellent sense about these things," she tells Josh discussing a new guy who she thinks might be "the one".

The President replies that he hasn't gotten around to it.

I think I wanted so badly to be a part of it that I was determined somehow. She makes her intentions clear, and Josh for once doesn't shoot himself in the foot and follows her upstairs.

"Previously on the West Wing" spoken by Leo When a fearless special prosecutor (Nicholas Pryor) begins investigating the President's (Martin Sheen) non-disclosure of his illness and issues subpoenas to the White House staff, C. (Allison Janney) cannily tries to light a backfire by dropping clues to the press that might ultimately force the replacement of the prosecutor with someone more favorable to the Administration. wants a real fire-breather so that the administration can gain more sympathy from the public.

It seems that the current prosecutor is too non-partisan and fair. Elsewhere: a real forest fire rages in Wyoming but the governor is incensed when Bartlet backs the forestry experts who believe the fire should just burn itself out; the President is in a political bind as he decides whether or not to veto the repeal of the estate tax -- or "the death tax," as labeled by his savvy rivals, and a wary Donna (Janel Moloney) goes out on a blind date with a charming Republican (Mark Feuerstein) who might represent a conflict of interest, as he's about to begin working with Republicans investigating the Administration.

Excitement leads to an "excitement kiss," which ultimately leads to a real kiss.

This is the moment where Josh-Donna tension officially crosses the line to Josh-Donna actually happening, and is the first element of the arc that eventually brings them together as a couple.

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In early seasons, the rush and extreme chemistry between Josh and Donna is larger-than-life romantic.

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