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It allows you to easily locate your cameras on a map and to identify the best hunting spots.

Analyse your game using statistics to plan your next seasons better.

The offer of a free basic account makes the service accessible.

You can also earn credits for further purchases on the my SPYPOINT website by referring a SILVER or GOLD account to a friend.

The true power of this software lies in its ability to provide zoomable, terapixel-scale animations that allow you to delve into intricate details and explore how the panorama changes over space and time.

Air Quality and Meteorological Data To help you interpret Breathe Cam images, air quality and meteorological data from the Allegheny County Health Department are displayed below the panorama.

Tolkien identified his fictional volcano Mount Doom in Mordor with the volcano of Stromboli, according to scholar Clyde S.

Welcome to Camscape's 1525 webcams, organised in 257 different places across the world..

See your hunting partners photos by sharing your account with them.Take advantage of simplified functions such as the easy drag and drop of files into your account and the automatic organization of photos by date and time in the SPYPOINT safely keeps your photos and camera's information on its protected server.Data is transferred via an Internet connection and the entire system can be powered with a single 120v power outlet.At the back end, Breathe Cam is powered by the CREATE Lab's Time Machine software, which accumulates individual images taken over time and stitches them together to create panoramic video timelapses.

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Breathe Cam provides high-resolution panoramas of Pittsburgh's skyline and other views in the region to help you discover more about the air you breathe using the power of your own vision.

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