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HOMELESS PEOPLE lay passed out on the sidewalk, in doorways, on benches.

A grotesque disfiguration on an otherwise perfect, gleaming surface, they beg for food, for change - anything. red graffiti on the side of the Chemical Bank: ABANDON ALL HOPE...

TIM ...strangled models, babies thrown from rooftops, kids killed in the subway, a Communist rally, mafia boss wiped out, Nazis- TIM flips through the pages excitedly... I've mostly been ignoring him, although I did pay attention earlier at Harry's when he began ranting about Paul Owen and the mysterious Fisher account. There's this theory out now that if you can catch the AIDS virus through having sex with someone who is infected then you can also catch anything, whether it's a virus per se or not - Alzheimer's, muscular dystrophy, anorexia, autism, dyslexia, for Christ sakes -- you can get dyslexia from pussy- PATRICK (interrupting) I'm not sure, guy, but I don't think dyslexia is a virus.

O.) Timothy Price began his spiel today, hours ago over lunch and has been going non-stop, more or less, ever since.

Why not just date someone who loves football as much as you? rows and rows of brightly colored packages of detergent... a homeless man pushing a shopping cart half-full of tin cans stops to look for hidden treasure in an overflowing trash can. CONTINUATION OF MONTAGE, MANHATTAN - DAY (1989) ...graffiti on the side of a Mc Donald's: FEAR... On a massive billboard advertising a tropical resort are the words: DISAPPEAR HERE. ANGLE on a TAXI CAB in the Times Square traffic as CREDITS CONTINUE. PATRICK stares out the dirty window, expressionless. In essence what I'm saying is that society cannot afford to lose me. (beat; then MORE) TIM (CONT'D) I mean the fact remains that no one gives a shit about their work, everybody hates their job, you've told me you hate yours. TIM I hate to complain -- I really do - about the trash, the garbage, the disease, about how filthy this city really is and you know and I know that it is a sty... INT TAXI, MOVING - LATER TIM removes the Walkman from around his neck, opening his attache case.

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The Dallas Cowboys came in second in that ranking, with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons rounding out the top five.(The three "least dateable" fanbases have 16 rings between them, however, so we're sure they aren't too upset.)Needless to say, if you're planning on putting yourself out into the dating world any time soon, you might want to flaunt your favorite football team a bit more -- it could save you some grief in the long run.

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