Most sedating

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Most sedating

We use multiple methods to help children tolerate their procedures, including distraction, preparation, and teaching techniques followed by sedating medications.Medications and levels of sedation are chosen based on your child’s needs and developmental level, duration of the test or procedure and invasiveness of the procedure.

Interventional radiology procedures average one hour, and MRIs last approximately one hour per study ordered.

If this is not possible, please bring toys, coloring books and favorite snacks to keep children entertained.

There is a cafeteria available; however, fragrant foods are discouraged on the unit as patients are fasting.

Our staff also wants to know of any ways we can support you and your child, so please tell us about your child’s likes and dislikes, concerns and needs.

Some suggestions that have worked for other patients and families: A typical visit to CHOP’s Pediatric Sedation Unit lasts a minimum of three to four hours.

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This includes registration, the procedure and recovery.

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