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Nude girls breast milk chat

I was told Karen was online, but I couldn’t see her. When I tried to reconnect, the app tried to charge me for a new session.

After 25 minutes of texting back and forth with Karen about troubleshooting the problem, my baby was about to wake up and lose his mind and I had to abort the mission.

When I told the Momseze consultant that I was pumping breast milk and feeding my baby from a bottle in addition to feeding him from the breast, she informed me that I should never do that. I told her I was just trying to do what was best to keep my baby fed and myself sane. I asked her to help me with three things—resolving the pain in my nipples, how to do a football hold and if I should worry whether my baby was eating too much. I scheduled an in-person private lactation consultant with the hospital I gave birth in that ended up being covered through my insurance. But I hope it will: New moms need help, let’s hope the tech can eventually meet them how and when they need it.

In the hour that we texted, she was only able to answer one of my questions (football hold) — and in a way that didn’t end up being tremendously helpful or useful. She was able to answer all of my questions in about 15 minutes in person, with zero judgment.

At the originally scheduled time I signed onto the Momseze app on my phone, made sure I was on my wireless network (to get the best possible video connection) and prepared myself, my baby, my breast pump and its myriad tiny parts and my expensive breast feeding pillow for a video chat.

The app informed me that I was about to speak with Karen, a lactation specialist in Florida.

From the moment you announce you’re pregnant everyone—from your OB-GYN to your dry cleaner–tells you that if you aren’t breastfeeding, you’re failing this new helpless alien right out of the gate.Nobody looks perfect at the end of the day but women have just got to embrace who they are.“Our bodies are full of strength and beauty.” Despite the pressure, it’s important for mothers to remember that their bodies have actually just achieved the most incredible thing, and what you look like really shouldn’t matter at all.“I’m at the end of my rope,” yelped the frantic woman wearing a stained tank top that, upon closer inspection, was inside out. This group lactation class at a local baby goods store in San Francisco cost me , and I left the store with a breastfeeding pillow, in lactation cookies and of nipple shields. It was a little like a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, except for the recalcitrant newborns dictating the conversation and occasionally interjecting a cry, grunt or fart. “Breastfeeding is a confidence game,” an intensely earnest lactation consultant with a green French pedicure announced to the room of less-than-confident new mothers.

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Momseze promises to help parents “connect immediately on-demand via video chat, text or voice with lactation consultants and other new baby support specialists 24/7, 365 days a year,” according to co-founder Shana Lawlor.

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