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Less than 300 is the commonly accepted limited production quantity built during the period 1935 up to 1940.

It seems likely that RCA built the AR-60 receivers "to order." This could be one receiver for a single order or perhaps several receivers for a commercial or military contract.

Certainly RCA had years of experience in building maritime radio equipment with their operation of Radiomarine Corporation of America which had its origins in RCA's 1923 acquisition of Wireless Specialty Apparatus.

RMCA continued to build the WSA versions of the IP-501 and IP-501A shipboard receivers throughout the 1920s. Coast Guard wanted a special version of the SE-1420 shipboard receiver (the SE-1420 was the Navy version of the IP-501 receiver.) These receivers were designated as CGR-5A and were built on a contract dated June 6, 1927.

Airways communications was developing in the early thirties and required both medium wave for navigation and high frequency for communications.

The commercial market included shortwave relay stations that transmitted programs for rebroadcast at lower frequencies (AM BC Band) in distant areas of the country.

They were much more likely to buy a National HRO from a dealer, like Leeds, where the purchase could be made with some money down followed with time payments. Coast Guard was also equipped some of their Cutters with AR-60 (CGR-32-1 and CGR-32-2) receivers.All production and test for the AR-60 receivers was under Engineer H. The fact that some wealthy amateurs might be interested in a commercial high frequency receiver was explored by placing an ad in QST.RCA did advertise the AR-60 in a few ham radio magazines, with ads like the one from the back cover of the November 1935 issue of QST shown above, but that was the only time in the five years that the AR-60 was available that it was advertised in the ham magazines.One thing is obvious, the AR-60 was never a "production" receiver, it was never built on an assembly line with production run quantities in the hundreds of receivers.It seems likely that the most of the AR-60 receivers went to the U. Coast Guard with a quantity of perhaps as many as 150 receivers built on at least three contracts between 19. Army Signal Corps also ordered AR-60-G receivers and this quantity was probably around 30 to 100 receivers (three were needed for each triple diversity set-up.) This leaves the amateur market but it seems unlikely that anymore than 50 or so AR-60s would have made it to the hams.

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No discount dealers, like Leeds, ever offered the AR-60.

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