Rover duji dating

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Rover duji dating

The station brought in a parade of corporate lawyers to give Rover a refresher course in the Seven Dirty Words.

"We can't do the same show we were doing a year ago, for sure," he says.

"Rover will belly up to the bar with you," adds Program Director Kim Monroe.

Of course, this is the image that shock jocks always try to convey to the all-important 18- to 34-year-old male demo.

Rover stops his game of catch to pitch an idea for a contest: "Miss Hoover 2004," he announces grandly. So it's various sucking tasks, anything that's noisy.

Which of course turns into a joke about how masturbating left-handed feels like someone else is doing it. It's time to talk about filling next week's Morning Glory, which airs weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m.

"You're sitting there, it's like 10 after the hour, and you're like, 'I got 50 more minutes to fill? "That's where you learn to overprepare and have double the amount to talk about." Duji (her real first name) dutifully records ideas on a printed spreadsheet.

He starts playing catch with another deejay who happens to be passing through, but the game isn't challenging enough.

So Rover decrees that they can use only their left hands.

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It's why listeners embrace Rover as one of their own, why they so often call to say, "Cleveland loves you!

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