Sasori dating quizzes

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His skills even allowed him to create two puppets who looked like his parents. When Sasori realised that the puppets were unable to give him the love of his parents he lost the interest in them.

Altough Deidara respected Sasori's beliefs Sasori didn't respected his beliefs.________________________________________________ ABILITIESSasori was a very powerful Shinobi who was able to kill and defeat the third Kazekage who was the strongest ninja in Suna's history.

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{{File Information |Description = Kabuto working as Sasori's spy |Source = Naruto Shippuden Episode 336 |Purpose = To Illustrate scene |Characters in image = Kabuto , Sasori |Jutsu in image = |Portion = Single frame from the Naruto Ani...

He is usually seen with a hazy dreamy look to his appearance.

His wide greyish brown eyes from his mother and short, mousy red hair from his father.

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