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By the time clients leave The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center, their new life has already begun!We teach clients how being authentic, vulnerable and connected will naturally take the place of addictive behaviors.Throughout this process he supports clients with non-judgment and compassion.He enables clients to uncover and understand their deepest beliefs through which they filter and ultimately create their experiences.Author of The Exclusive Guide to Becoming Deeply Happy, Jean-François has a depth of experience in helping individuals, couples and families address and heal issues involving addictions, physical violence, sexual abuse, relationship concerns, bereavement, critical health challenges, eating disorders, conflict resolution, and depression.He is versed in individual therapy as well as group counseling.

We address chemical imbalances created by alcohol and drugs and focus on releasing previous trauma and unresolved pain.From the very first day clients entrust themselves to our care, and running concurrent with their addiction recovery program, clients will participate in relapse prevention and our individualized New Life Direction process.Together we help clients assemble the building blocks they need to live a renewed and passionate life and teach the skills to overcome old addiction triggers.Known for her consistent, authentic and passionate optimism, Joyce inspires her clients to clearly identify their life’s work and do what it takes to move beyond addiction into a truly fulfilling life of purpose.Applying her focused intuition and deep compassion, she serves as a seasoned guide adept at finding real, accessible and even joyful solutions to the often heartbreaking problems that have resulted from substance abuse.

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