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With the help of a great counselor, I learned how to overcome anxiety and live the way I want.I made a promise to myself that I would return the favor for others. If you are experiencing anxiety in any form, I can help you regain control and find peace.""Dr.Her goals are to help patients experience a more fulfilled, authentic, and meaningful life by assisting them in acquiring greater self-awareness and insight, resolving intrapsychic and interpersonal conflicts, and integrating all aspects of their personality.She provides individual and group psychotherapy to adults and adolescents aged 15 years and older, as well as couples therapy.""Dr.Let's work together to identify and resolve your sex & intimacy issues.I work with clients in a person-centered, non-judgmental way, creating an atmosphere of safety where intimate subjects can be freely discussed.Respect on Campus (ROC) is the UCCS interpersonal violence awareness program, and offers programs and events throughout the year that promote an awareness and understanding of sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking, and other forms of sexual misconduct.As a psychotherapist who treats couples and individuals, I can help you gain understanding, resolve problems, deepen relationships, and reach your full potential.

Clients of any gender identity and orientation are welcome.""Sexual health is important to your overall well-being. Trabajo una noche a la semana y un sbado al mes para acomodar los horarios demandantes de hoy.""We are an integrative center that has 2 qualified therapists with an eclectic background to suit almost any mental health need.

She provides individual and group psychotherapy to adults and adolescents aged 15 years and older, as well as couples therapy.""Having been married for over 39 years, raising a family, working with thousands of clients, and now training therapists for licensure, I have some experience, perhaps even more than most other therapists.

I'm sensitive to the tough demands and conditions thrown at us.

In addition to being a therapist that does both brief counseling and ongoing psychotherapy.

This enables me to be the best qualified therapist in Colorado Springs to discuss and evaluate your most personal dilemmas with expertise, experience and knowledge.

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Singles, couples, multi-partner relationships and other dynamics are equally respected. Llmame y djame ayudarte a vivir una vida plena y con propsito! Espaol/English - Eres mujer y estas deprimida, ansiosa o en una relacin que no funciona? We want to see you succeed and will help you get there by finding the answers you already have. We want to help you build from that foundation and create the best you that you can be. Let us help you build you.""Specializing in LGBT, Military, Pagan, and Marriage and Family Therapy, 4Square Counseling is here to help you on your journey, whatever journey that is.