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But Diane, I wouldn't be asking you to do this if I didn't see a real concern there." Diane sat in silence for a moment. It's just better to make sure than to be sorry later." Diane politely smiled and shook the doctor’s hand and headed down the hall to the examination room. " Diane helped him dress up and off they went to the parking garage. She patted the examination table and told her to hop on and recline on her back. Diane looked at Jimmy and noticed that his penis was completely flaccid and being covered up by his quivering hands. "Thanks Doctor, we would really appreciate that." Linda walked out of the office and softly closed the door. She grabbed Jimmy's chin with her right hand and drew him closer to her. She pulled him in for an ice breaking, passionate kiss. She was glad her son was gaining confidence in his sexuality but there were limits to where this should go. We're ready." Linda came in to the sight of an erect Jimmy, a naked mother, and her son's hand between her legs. I'm ready to go." Linda stretched clear gloves over her hands before fishing something out of a drawer.

"OK doctor, schedule us for next week on Tuesday after I pick him up from school. On the ride home Diane was thinking of how to tell Jimmy about this. I'll be right here to make sure everything goes according to plan. The paper crumpled as she adjusted herself and let her weight sink in. She spoke to her son during the strangest situation of their lives, trying to ground herself. Diane told her son to walk up to the staircase and stand between her legs. "It's OK sweetie, nobody will know about this, you just have to do this for a couple of minutes. She forced his mouth open and twirled her tongue around his as they breathed hotly into each. Diana was shocked at how much she was enjoying her son's touch but told herself this was all part of the process. She sighed in pleasure as her son began to unknowingly encircle her clitoris. "Well, I see you guys almost started without me," Linda chuckled, as if she were used to this. "OK Mom, we're going to apply a little bit of oil on Jimmy's penis so he can..." but before she could finish Diane interrupted her.

Soon after their honeymoon Brian got a promotion and they purchased a bigger house.

They moved away from the city into suburban Long Island.

I mean wouldn't that be the same thing as him having, well, sex? It absolutely has to be actual sexual intercourse.""How serious is this doctor, I mean I don't have any clue who I could possibly get for this test. She felt the cool air of the room as the heat between her legs radiated away.

I guess I would have to talk to my husband about this." Dr. "That's fine, you tell whoever you need to tell, I’ll give you time. Jimmy, meanwhile, was too ashamed to look in between his mother’s outstretched legs, the place he came out of, but he kept stealing glances against his better judgment. "If you guys want me to leave for a few minutes I'll wait just outside the door until you're ready." Diane looked relieved. I've never even been with a naked girl before Mom and to see..." Diane interrupted him.

“It’s OK honey, we won’t have our baby do it with a whore. Her daughter Lisa was already in high school so she dropped her off first so she could talk to Jimmy one on one. She ignored it, hoping it would go away on its own. Since they had been speaking so freely about sex earlier she decided to question him about the pornography he mentioned watching. Around nine o'clock she went up to Jimmy's room but this time she didn't mention to her husband what she was really going up there for. With a wink she asked, "You wanna show me what we talked about earlier? "Hello Mom, hello Jimmy, how’re you guys doing today? I'll take good care of you." She turned to face Diane as they reached her office. "Well OK, sure, no problem with me Mom." She leaned in closely and quietly said, "Just don’t tell anyone that I’m allowing you two to do this, understand? What if she was going to watch it and masturbate to it? "OK honey, now just raise yourself, use your hips...yes, just like that..go back in, there we go, you're getting the hang of it." Jimmy did as he was instructed. Jimmy was making love -- no, fucking her, she told herself, in a very mechanical, methodical manner. She kissed his tip and then licked the head like it was a lollipop. " "Yeah, I'm fine honey," she said as she pulled one of his nearly invisible pubes off her tongue. She grabbed his cock again but this time licked the length of his shaft up and down to his balls.Her orgasm was in a race with Jimmy's and his quicker fucking hasn't helped him cum as quickly as she thought it would. Her pussy started vibrating as an earth shattering orgasm rippled through her body. I got your back." He felt happy that his mother enjoyed it as much as he did. After they got home Diane cooked a nice dinner which everyone sat through in silence pretty much. "I'm just a little tired honey, I'm going to bed." Brian got up, walked over to his two kids and kissed them each on the forehead. As the minutes ticked by Diane found herself unconsciously rubbing at her clit through her pants, her purse hiding the obscene act from anyone who may have been watching. She should go into the bathroom and finger herself before she went completely mad. Linda Hamsley appeared and beckoned them into the long corridor. Linda noted that mother and son were both ready and eager to fuck. Jimmy held his head high and proud as the doctor performed her duties. " he shouted with adulation as he emptied his thick, pent up load into his mother's vulnerable garden. If anything his quicker motions were making his body rub against her clitoris more and more. Her pussy started spewing cum onto Jimmy's young cock and stomach. "Linda assured her, "That's OK Mom, this makes the test even more worthwhile. " Jimmy was finally understanding what she was telling him. Lisa barely ever talked at the table but even she felt like breaking the silence. Soon after Lisa cleaned up the kitchen Diane went to bed herself. " Diane was a bit startled but relieved his first question wasn't about their coupling. Hamsley was talking he should be just fine, but we'll find out for sure tomorrow. She felt that rising heat, that electric feeling arcing across her skin. Her horny, fog filled mind was conjuring up terrible images and rebelling against her normal, down to earth self. Meanwhile, Diane took her position on the papered examination bed and reluctantly spread her legs. Brian kept excelling at work which he paid for by having less time to spend with the family so Diane played a major role in raising their kids. She was very protective and would rather get up early to drive them to school then trust the school bus driver.When they needed help with homework it was mostly her who was there. ""He's still there, yes, it's nothing to worry about, but I am concerned about Jimmy's heart rate.

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Diane was a good mother and very devoted to her family.