Sophos enterprise console not updating

Posted by / 18-May-2018 20:08

The only approach that gives you a proper installer package is via Sophos Enterprise Console running on a Windows server.

Other than Sophos Enterprise Console has anyone else found a solution to let you mass deploy SAV9?

I can just periodically copy this to them or have a tool like ARD push it to them (on this disconnected network).

It is worth looking at further though as in the past with SAV8 it was possible to have some settings files outside the mpkg itself but in the same folder...

It will help with a different problem we have (which is not Sophos' fault) which is for some Macs never connected to the Internet.If you have no Windows Server, and can no longer use SUM, this leaves two more possibilities, first you could use the standalone SAV9 installer.It is even possible to pre-configure the auto-update account details for this.Unfortunately Sophos have made this installer an application and not an installer package.As a result it cannot be deployed using Apple Remote Desktop, Casper, Munki, or any other Mac management tool.

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I'd like to know when the clients last successfully received an update but the control panel just shows "Updating: failed" and the update log (alc.log) only gives one day of logs. To rectify the problem you can either try to redeploy the software from the Sophos Enterprise Console, or on the client run the installer from the Sophos network share.

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