Special needs dating service

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Special needs dating service

Jami believes that recovery from mental ill health is possible through giving people control over their lives by means of real choice and participation.The organisation aims to give people the resources and support necessary to lead as ‘ordinary’ a life as possible.Aside from supplying large print and Braille material, and providing a host of resources and services, we also aid in meeting the social and interpersonal needs of the handicapped.Jewish Blind of California To educate and stimulate blind members in the realm of Jewish history and culture; To arrange, conduct and encourage cultural, social and recreational activities and services; To further and promote the communication between the blind and sighted community so that a better understanding can be developed; To promote the welfare and best interests of the blind; To provide a multipurpose center for members; To cooperate with other organizations in promotions and activities; To provide a forum in which the blind can make new friends and enjoy activities together.Jewish Blind and Disabled Our core philosophy is that every individual is entitled to a life of dignity, independence and choice.Our mission is to provide this life for any adult in our community, from the age of 18 upwards, who is physically disabled or vision impaired.Led by Jews with disabilities, Yad Ha Chazakah-JDEC provides guidance, resource information, advocacy, and support networks for people with obvious or hidden disabilities and our families as we promote access to Jewish community life.

Every week, we give care and support to 7,000 members of the community and their families.

JEVS Human Services Human Services enhances the employability, independence, and quality of life of individuals through a broad range of programs.

Consistent with our core principles and entrepreneurial spirit, JEVS Human Services creates innovative and sustainable solutions to address current and future community needs.

JBI International For nearly 80 years, JBI has provided people of all ages who are blind, visually impaired or reading disabled with books, magazines, and special publications in Braille, Large Print and in Audio format that enable them to maintain their connection to the rich literary and cultural life of the Jewish and broader community.

The Jewish Heritage for the Blind: Jewish Heritage for the Blind ceaselessly strives to help the visually impaired remain active, accomplished, and independent members of the community.

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ADD provides secure environments where members develop life skills—from arranging transportation and managing finances to forming and maintaining friendships.

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