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Updating slideshow links

Remember, the filename of your image is what you called your image when you saved it to your computer e.g. This is NOT the 'Name' or 'Title' that you give the image when you upload it to your website (e.g. DO NOT delete the current XML file from your website and then upload the updated version in its place. Check the Replace with new file: option, browse for the updated XML file on your computer, and then click Save This will replace the existing XML file with the updated version. This will not work, even if the files have the same filename. If you're using Instagram or Twitter then you'll need to pick an unique hashtag for your slideshow, for example #Peter And Sara2017 or #John Birthday40.Slidesome can also display feed from Facebook events and groups, Dropbox folders and Google albums, where hashtag is not required.

The contents of this file will be shown within a grey box.For other changes please contact a member of the web team.To replace one of the images in your slideshow with a new image you can simply find the relevant lines of XML and modify them as necessary. The link is the same https://github.com/rvalitov/widgetkit-slideshow-ex The manual is also there.There is one more change at the bottom of the file the should like the following when completed...

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