Updating sql database in vb net

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A stored procedure is like a subroutine (or procedure) that is stored in the database – hence the name.

Stored procedures can be used for all sorts of things when doing database development.

In a real application this value is usually read from a configuration file or gathered from the user in some way.

For a simple sample like ours we will just declare the string as a constant at the top of our file (See line 13 of Form1.vb).

This is where the stored procedure you created is actually executed so if your Northwind database isn’t set up you will either have to set it up or use the work around I described above.

Notice the beginning of this code looks very similar to what we’ve already seen.

In a real world application your views will often be much more complex.Displaying data from multiple tables with filters and other things applied.The code to create our view looks like this (In the Create View button click event – around line 274): Now that we have everything in place its an easy task for us to populate our table with some sample data.This means that you need to be running as a user that has access to your SQL server (if all else fails try running Visual Studio as Administrator).Note: If you have SQL Server Express installed you might need to modify the connection string to look like this: If you look at the sample source code provided with this article you will see a simple form that has six buttons on it. NET code we create a Sql Connection object and point it to our server using the connection String we created earlier.

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We make a connection to our database, create a Command, and set it up to use our SQL code and our connection. Instead of executing our Sql Command directly we instead pass it into our Sql Data Adapter. The second parameter is the name of the Table – in our case Contact.

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