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He’s an innovator on the microphone, mashing musical genres together to create a sound that is new wave and pop. You’d think someone who got booed off BET just about three years ago couldn’t be described as such, or you could (depending on what your views of BET are). Some people get stuck in the go to school, get a job… So they go to school and figure they could meet somebody to help them figure it out. Like a light will never turn on if it doesn’t connect. O: Yeah so you’re starting to put soca in your stuff now? It’s like yeah I’m from Trinidad, so that’s awesome. And so we call on Patti, now that she knows the truth, to cancel this event.My love affair with Theophilus London began in 2009.

My girlfriend at the time was like, “It’s alright baby (talks in high voice and mimics patting), you’re never gonna make it” (laughs). And if you start listening to all this different music and you wanna make music yourself, sometimes you listen to music and it influences you to make music… I mean like watching Michael Jackson and James Brown, you felt what they wanted to do and so I kinda study a lot of people and take little things from them and I kinda bring it to my realm, and it’s new and never been done before.

However, having worked with creative forces like Mark Ronson (who he’s also in a band with), and Damon Albarn (Gorillaz frontman), he’s being touted as a breath of fresh air to urban music, and rightly so. I just wanted to find my own niche, research my own music, hang out late at different clubs, do new music and just go to underground scenes and be a part of the culture that was around me.

Many know him from the Brooklyn, indie scene, but this Trinidad-born innovator has been holding a burning desire to reconnect with his motherland. O: So you were one of those guys we used to see rapping in the corridor at school …

I went to a small, little business marketing school where you raise your hand, talk and it’s just… I just had to stop and went into the real world and do what people would do in school, but just do it on the streets. too hard on myself that I push myself to be excellent and sometimes I think that’s what works for me. Yesterday I met someone at a mall and they were like, “Yo I seen your thing on MTV”.

But sometimes when I snap out of it, like I’m so hard on myself… O: What do you think causes people to connect with your music so much? And I was like yeah I’m from Trinidad and I’m trying to put some calypso into my music now, and they were like we haven’t heard any calypso music from you. You see it didn’t make sense, but I’m happy that I put it in there.

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Patti must not know that the person sponsoring her upcoming event, Joseph Chetrit, is the same developer who took Stanley Bard’s beloved Chelsea Hotel away from him and his family.

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