Violin neck replacement scroll graft dating

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Some of these workshops also produced un-varnished instruments that were sold to violin makers and shops to produce a specific look. The vast majority of Trade Instruments were simply labeled with a facsimile (copied) label of a famous maker like Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri and many others.It has been estimated that over 5 million of these "trade instruments" were made during this time period.many of the models are in my opinion absolutely awful, while many models from companies such as Eastman, Gliga, and Hoffman can be decent or even very nice.These instruments come from all over the globe with many being made in China, Romania, Korea and other places even though they may have German or Italian sounding names - just look on Ebay or Amazon and you will see a good number of these modern trade instruments.You will notice below that the firm of Jerome Thibouville Lamy (J. L), from Mirecourt France, had many, many models, they are reported to have had 1000 workers and an annual output of over 150,000 instruments for a number of years.These instruments are very plentiful and some can be very nice.

In most cases, especially those that are simply labeled with the name of a famous maker such as Antonio Stradivari, the actual factory that made it will never be known and in real is not all that important.

This instrument came to us with a very interesting provenance, which we will post as the instrument moves to the Restoration pages. The neck had previously been grafted and a very poor cheek graft had been accomplished on the treble side.

The ribs, however, were nearly destroyed and the depth of the instrument was very eratic.

Those that I have included have some dates, but I won't be putting end dates.

Just like in the past, today there are hundreds or thousands of brands of instruments made with fake names and Florea.

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The only way to know the value of your instrument is to have it seen in person at a violin shop or an appraiser associated with a musical instrument auction house.

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