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Despite her success, she is in her thirties and is not married.Izzy is fine with this but her Jewish grandmother is appalled that her sweet relative does not have a husband. This film, set partly in an old, traditional Jewish neighborhood in Manhattan, is a movie fan's delight.This description of the film is inadequate, especially at it can barely touch the performances of Ms Bozyk (her only film lead role - after a lifetime in Yiddish theater she got this, and proved she should have had many more film performances to her credit), and Sarah Miles as the loud, overbearing, matchmaker Mrs. David Hyde Pierce appears as one of Izzy's fellow employees at the bookstore - an early role for the future Niles Crane.And Rosemary Harris appears as a "Marianne Moore" poet at a soirée, who makes the mistake of trying to patronize Krabbe (in his most sympathetic in the film - he returns the comment with interest).

Like MOONSTRUCK, CROSSING DELANCEY deals with an ethnic group.Sam is a smart and nice guy, but Izzy is stand-offish because of her set of modern values.The title refers to Izzy's assimilated views versus the standards of her grandmother and Sam.Izzy (Amy Irving, in her best film part) is pretty happy.She is an independent woman who works in a famous private book shop, gets to be in contact with the leading writers of the day (she tells of speaking to Isaac Bashevits Singer at one point), and has a nice rent controlled apartment near Central Park.

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Spielberg would end up marrying Capshaw, but not before marrying — and divorcing — Amy Irving.