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Her energy's balanced and mellow, so I figure this should be an easy-ish day.We agree to begin the interview in between wardrobe changes, which gives me some time to observe her transformation in front of the camera.That’s the coolest thing about fashion is that there are no rules and you can be so expressive with it." Hanna Beth tells me about how a major theme in her life right now is simplification. Oh, you’re so gothic.' Why does everyone think I’m gothic?I hate being told that, just because I like to wear black.

My school was a super conservative private school and we weren’t allowed to do that, so I would do it on holidays or a free dress day, I would do it as a theme and tell them it would wash out and just come to school the next day and say for some reason it wouldn’t wash out, and they had to let me have it. And then into high school I went through a hippie phase, and then I went through a really punk phase and decided to get a mohawk. I went lighter with my hair and I started dressing a little bit lighter, so I noticed that maybe it's me getting older and maturing." Hanna's personal style has certainly progressed over the years, and it seems, with age, she's reached a point where she is unwilling to be boxed into one category or another.Friday the 13th tattoos are a tradition in tattoo parlors where clients can get a tattoo of the number 13 for .Hanna Beth got this “13” made out of lightning bolts on Friday January 13, 2012 at True Tattoo in Hollywood, CA.There's texture and glitter and visual stimulation in every direction, and it's almost too much at once.A nymph-like young woman greets me and points the way to where my subject for the day is waiting.

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I'm a little in awe, being a life-long camera-phobe myself. "I never fit in, I didn’t really have any friends... Kids just didn’t know if I was wearing a bullet proof vest or what was going on.

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