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Who is hoda dating 2016

"I do have something to tell you," she said while calling into the hit morning show on Tuesday, Feb. "But, you know what, how about this — instead of telling you, I'm going to show you something. " As the first photo of Hoda holding her adorable infant daughter flashed across the screen she exclaimed, "It's a baby girl! She is the love of my life." "This little girl Haley is the luckiest girl," chimed in."You’re going to be one of the most fantastic moms I can ever imagine." MUST SEE: Savannah Guthrie Announces Her 'Today' Return — Get the Details! You were made to be a mom," Hoda's fourth-hour co-host added.The striking 50-year-old TV personality has been dating Joel, 56, for more than a year and a half and has so far remained extremely coy about her beau, going so far as to blur his face in pictures and only referring to him as 'Boots'.But on Friday, the once-married star - who is now considering a trip back down the aisle - told Today co-host Carson Daly, standing in for her regular pal Kathie Lee Gifford: 'I'm in love, love's good!'Cause you know how you don't feel like it because it's raining and icky and why not just watch a 'Law & Order' rerun and stay home and eat potato chips - and I'm so glad I went out that night because it was a chance meeting that ended up being kind of a life transforming event for me.'Despite having had to re-enter the dating pool after her divorce, which she said she found 'awkward and weird and freaky', Hoda added: 'I have found real life joy right as I'm knocking on the door of 50.He's a wonderful guy and I feel very blessed.' Speaking about her decision to keep their romance out of the public eye, Hoda told Wendy Williams in October: 'When you're dating and it's in public, sometimes your dating life gets accelerated because people are asking 'what's going on, is it great, are you getting married?She'd been invited to speak at an event with "Wall Street guys" who were "bored," and after it ended Hoda stuck around to sign some autographs. Smitten but cautious, Hoda had someone do a little background check."He didn't have a wedding ring, but that's all I knew," she said.

Joel Schiffman is an American financier based in New York City and Boston.

But after Kathie Lee discussed Caitlyn Jenner, it was Hoda Kotb's turn in the spotlight — explaining the fun, celeb-tastic way she met her boyfriend of two years, Joel Schiffman.

It happened, she told host Andy Cohen, when she wasn't expecting it at all.

"It's a little weird to be in your fifties and we're like, 'Hey, we're moving in! The television host revealed Schiffman's identity on an episode of .

' It's like you're kids." "I was afraid to tell my own mother that I was moving in with my boyfriend," she confessed. "You know, I have to say, I feel some relief," she said at the time.

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"Here's the thing, you know when you are keeping something so close to the vest? "It's been almost two years, so we were like: ' Why not?

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