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Members, who range in age from 26 to 80, must agree to meet at least one of three suggested introductions offered.Often Leona or Canon Joseph will meet clients in person.The majority of our client base are from professional, business or executive careers and backgrounds.They simply don’t want their personal information on public display on a dating site. Our dating agency offers an exclusive and confidential dating service that can include proactive searching (it’s like headhunting) which could be the very best way for you to meet the right person. We are here to speak to from 9 am to 9 pm everyday.Let us make you a memorable match that ends your search once and for all.Our clients search for the best in every aspect of their live and want the best matchmaking service as well.

“It can be very rewarding when you get a notice back saying ‘Everything is going fine for us.

“We don’t stop, we keep trying.” In the coming year (2014), seven of the couples they matched this year, will wed, and there may be more.

On average around ten couples matched through the agency marry each year.

On Thursday’s Liveline, David Merren of Topmatch Ireland said he too was appalled by John’s story. “I hope it doesn’t happen again.” Dave meets all his clients face to face, and then tries to match “like for like”.

He does not measure success on any particular criteria. I think it’s a success when people meet, and get together and they find they have something in common and they go out, whether they go out for a week, a month or a year, get engaged, live together or marry.” The agency has had three marriages in two years.

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Have you ever wondered whether there might be a better, more precise, more professional way of meeting a new potential partner than trawling online dating sites or hoping for a chance meeting at the supermarket checkout queue?

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