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As the name implies, this is one hot dungeon as it is set within the volcano at World's End.

Players will be facing off against a number of new enemies including the Ashen Fist Goblin, Molten Artificer, Emberling, Scalding Wyrm and the big boy himself, Bel'xahl the Scorched, dominion holder of the volcano.

The Valkyrie makes use of a Runeglaive, a large spear weapon that lets the Valkyrie engage multiple foes with massive, sweeping strikes.

The bulk of her skills centers around the mechanic of applying Runemarks on enemies, which can then be detonated to blow the target, and anything around the target, off of their feet.

According to the announcement, the previously assumed three month-long dev cycle for localization and QA was able to shrink down to two months as a result of the team’s hard work.

“Our people at Webzen are like our fans: actual gamers and with a great passion for videogames, and I can guarantee you that they are all committed to the November 7th release date,” reads the statement.

The Crowfall site has been updated with a note to Founders to inform them that the anticipated "soft launch" of the game, originally set for the end of 2017, is not going to happen.

In addition, some new skins, emotes and a new digital loot pack have been added to the game.Players will get to try out the Valkyrie class on Tuesday, April 11th.More information about the Valkyrie’s skills can be seen on the official site, and a video overview can be watched below.You can find him staring at Twitter or read more of his attempt at humor at his blog, or in-game primarily on Wild Star, Blade and Soul or Final Fantasy XIV.With a massive spear and the sort of style that only the Castanic race can bring, the new TERA Valkyrie is bringing her potent close-range combat to the MMO in a matter of a few days as En Masse Entertainment has locked down a release date.

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