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The content is definitely edgy by Indian standards, but the writers have also avoided sleaze and double entrendres.

Following the success of these disrupters, just about every traditional film studio and broadcaster is now dabbling with the new format, but YRF has been the most proactive, building up a You Tube subscriber base of more than half a million and winning a string of awards; 6-Pack Band has won both a Cannes Grand Prix Glass Lion and a Webby.

Other activities include studying the pattern of pioneer quilts and reconstructing the geometry of quilt design.

Travel to a Japanese tattoo parlour, and drop in on an ancient Egyptian party!

“The challenge is that these days most kids are discovering sex and sexuality through porn and that’s scary,” Patil says.

“The first door they can knock on is Google, and that’s a problem; it needs to be a parent.”When it comes to the revenue model, the Y-Films web series make a small amount through advertising on You Tube, but mostly rely on brand tie-ups and sponsorship.

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